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Example Projects:

Innova has worked on a variety of projects in many different product markets. Here are some recent examples:

Wireless Pulse Oximeter and Temperature Capsule USB Receiver
For this product Innova worked closely with the customer starting with the product definition and specification stage. In this fashion a well optimized solution was designed and implemented.

The USB powered receiver device is used to optically activate the Wireless Pulse Oximeter and Temperature Capsule. Sensor data is received via a custom RF protocol and transmitted to the PC over the USB connection. In addition, data is logged locally using a small-footprint file system.

Battery Powered Wireless Pulse Oximeter
The headband Pulse Oximeter measures the subjects blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate and respiration rate. In addition, posture and activity levels are reported via an on-board accelerometer.

The hardware, firmware, and RF protocol were designed to optimize battery life. Due to extreme optimization, a run time of 200 hours was achieved from a small battery even though normal operation requires pulsing of red and IR LEDs, RF transmission every second, continuous sensor data collection, and digital signal processing.

UV Spectrograph
The shown two-board set was designed to drive an optical linear array sensor with variable integration time. The low-noise, low-charge injection charge amplifier developed for this optical spectrometer utilized intensive software compensations.

The hardware and the firmware were designed to take maximum advantage of available resources to achieve a simple, yet powerful, high-performing instrument.

Customer requirement for PC communication backwards compatibility was achived after careful examination of the original product.

PPL Transceiver
This board was designed for Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Precision Personnel Locator Project. Included in the design are OFDM wide band receivers, 14-bit 400MHz ADCs, 200MHz 16-bit DAC, OFDM transmitter, Giga-bit Ethernet, and Virtex-4 FPGA.

GPS Signal Generator
The PCI card based product is used in a GPS satellite signal simulator. The same RF signal transmitted by the GPS satellites covering L1, L2, and L5 bands are generated by the sophisticated electronics.

The BoatNanny is a boat & yacht security product utilizing a 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 based radio and a Cellular modem. The system monitors temperature, motion, water level, AC/DC power, and acoustic level. Alarm messages and command messages are sent via text messages or email to the boat owner's cell phone.

Tension Controllers


UV/Ozone Lamp Ballast

Gas Sensor

LED Landscape Light

LLC Resonant Converter

PCIe GNSS Satellite Simulator

Industrial Wireless Sensor System

Powerline Modem

LED Pool Light

Position Controller

Portable GPS Simulator

Optical Spectrometer